Telegram on Mac OS takes no care about your disk storage and feels great about it

Evgeniy Lazarev
2 min readNov 5, 2018


The best all-platforms messenger Telegram has an extremely huge issue on Mac OS related to keeping cache on your disk. Even if you are pro-user and set the „Storage Usage” setting to the minimum „1 week”, the app ignores it.

Settings → Data and Storage → Storage Usage

Yes, you’ve read it right — Telegram ignores your choice and keep media forever on your (may be) full disk.

How much space do you think this useless cache can take? 500 MB? One GB? Two? Well, I asked my friend to check his Telegram’s cache directory and he found 5.37 GB of it. Five gigabytes and three hundred megabytes! It is huge, isn’t it?

4 934 623 493 bytes used by 83 696 files

I have only couple of dozens gigabytes on my system’s 128GB SSD available for my documents, apps, whatever, and this stupid app takes so much space for no reason.

Of course, you want to delete it right now. This is simple:
1) Close your Telegram app.
2) Open your Finder. Press ⌘+shift+G.
3) Insert ~/Library/Group Containers, press Enter. This directory will open. Then find the directory *.keepcoder.Telegram, go into it, next to account-* , next to postbox.
4) Great! Delete the media directory and you are done. Bye-bye, gigabytes of trash!

I created the bash-script that does the job. Please use it only if you know what it is. Here is the complete script’s text:

Please share your Telegram’s cache directory size in comments! ;–)



Evgeniy Lazarev